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Livestock Risk Protection Insurance

Bagley Risk Management is a leading provider of Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) insurance, which is designed to provide a safety net for ranchers and farmers who rely on livestock for their income. This innovative insurance product offers protection against price fluctuations in the livestock market, which can be volatile and unpredictable.

With LRP insurance, ranchers and farmers have the ability to set a floor price for their livestock, ensuring that they’ll receive a certain amount of money if market prices drop below that level. This can help to mitigate the risk of financial losses that can occur when livestock prices fall unexpectedly.

What Makes Us Unique?

We are unique in the LRP field in the sense that we aren’t your typical insurance agent. We utilize not only LRP, but the board of trade to secure potential indemnities or rallies that may occur during the insurance period but may be lost due to market fluctuations before insurance period expiration. We use a variety of strategies utilizing, but not limited to options, board positions, and the combination of both to take advantage of extra potential income.

LRP Insurance

Every business has different types of risk management protocol or insurance protecting inventory, processes, and employees. Ranchers and farmers are no exception. At Bagley Risk Management, we will help guard you against the uncertainties of the weather and the commodities market through livestock risk protection (LRP) insurance. Bagley Risk Management has been protecting ranchers of cattle and swine from falling prices in the commodities market since 2011.

LRP insurance can be purchased at any time during the crop year (July 1 through June 30) for endorsements ranging from 13 weeks to one year for feeder cattle, fed cattle, or swine covering 70 to 100 percent of the expected ending value of your herd. Unborn animals are covered as long as the mother is owned by the rancher taking out the policy. Prices, rates, actual ending values and per hundredweight insurance costs are posted on the USDA Risk Management Agency website,

Advantages of carrying LRP Insurance on your herd include:

  • Price protection
  • Financial stability
  • Budget planning
  • Risk management
  • Flexibility
  • Peace of mind
  • Access to credit
  • Market downturns
  • Protecting investments
  • Complements other risk management tools

It is important to note that LRP insurance only protects against downfalls in the market, not illness of individual animals or the whole herd.

Comprehensive Solutions for Livestock Financial Security

Our Specialized Insurance Solutions

Swine Insurance

Our swine insurance policies are designed to provide comprehensive coverage for your swine-related investments. Whether you're involved in swine production from a finishing or farrowing operation, our insurance offers protection against the unpredictable swings in the market. This means that when market prices experience sudden fluctuations or unforeseen challenges arise, you won't have to bear the financial burden alone. Instead, our insurance will step in to help you weather these storms, ensuring that your investments remain secure.

Cattle Insurance

Our cattle insurance policies are carefully crafted to offer consistent returns and act as a cushion against unexpected market drops. We recognize that the cattle industry can be influenced by factors beyond your control, such as changes in demand, supply fluctuations, or even unforeseen disease outbreaks. With our insurance coverage, you can minimize the financial risks associated with these challenges. When you choose our cattle insurance, you're choosing a partner that understands the unique characteristics of cattle farming.

Livestock Risk Protection Insurance (LRP Insurance) is a federally subsidized insurance program that helps livestock owners protect themselves against adverse price fluctuations in the livestock market. LRP policyholders can purchase insurance that covers potential losses due to market price declines. This insurance is particularly useful for livestock owners who are heavily invested in the cattle, hog, and lamb markets.

LRP Insurance

Protection Against Decline

Market prices for livestock, including fed cattle, feeder cattle, and swine, are notoriously fickle. These fluctuations can negatively impact the expected revenue streams for farmers and businesses. LRP acts as a buffer, insuring you against these potentially steep and sudden declines, thereby ensuring stability in your earnings.

LRP Insurance

Customizable Plans

Every livestock business is unique, each with its own operational nuances, goals, and timelines. A one-size-fits-all approach just won't do. We present an array of coverage levels and insurance durations. This allows for a bespoke insurance experience, ensuring alignment with when your livestock is projected to enter the market or be sold.

LRP Insurance

Transparent Evaluations

Trust is pivotal in insurance, and it's constructed on the bedrock of transparent processes and authentic data. We don't just provide numbers. Our ending values are rooted in and reflect the objective and neutral weighted prices sourced directly from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service. This ensures our partners always know where they stand.

LRP Insurance

Always Available

While livestock farming can be seasonal, risks are not. They linger around the year, irrespective of peak selling times. Come rain or shine, winter or summer, we’re here. Our policies are available for purchase throughout the year, underlining our constant commitment to your livestock's security.

LRP Insurance

Guaranteed Indemnities

Sometimes, despite all precautions, the market might not be in one’s favor. When ending values are lesser than the insured coverage price, losses can be daunting. In such trying times, Bagley Risk Management steps forward. We compensate for the difference between the market value and your coverage price, ensuring market downturns don’t translate to financial setbacks for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Livestock Risk Protection Insurance

What is Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) Insurance?

LRP insurance provides livestock producers with protection against declining market prices. It allows producers to insure at different coverage levels, ensuring they receive a minimum selling price should the market price drop below that level.

Livestock producers who own the livestock and are at risk of losing money due to declining market prices can be eligible. Specific eligibility criteria might vary depending on the service provider.

LRP insurance typically covers cattle, swine, and lambs.

Coverage prices and levels are usually based on market prices, rates, and the actual ending values reported by specified agricultural market sources.
If the actual ending value is below the coverage price on the end date of the insurance, an indemnity is paid. The specific procedure for claims can vary between providers.
Yes, there are limits to the number of animals insured at one time as well as annual limits. These vary by species.
Yes, you can cancel your policy, but only at the end of the marketing year on or before June 30th. Once an endorsement has been signed, it can not be canceled.
LRP is specifically designed to protect against price declines. Other livestock insurance products might protect against other risks like disease, mortality, or feed costs.
The cost varies based on the coverage level chosen, the number of livestock insured, and market conditions. It’s best to consult directly with the insurance provider for accurate pricing.
lrp insurance

Applying for LRP Insurance is Easy!

Applying for LRP insurance is an easy one-time application. Once the application is approved, you can purchase an endorsement when the time is right for you for up to 12,000 head of cattle or 70,000 swine that will be marketed for slaughter near the end of the insurance period with a maximum limit of 25,000 head of cattle or 750,000 swine per year. Your endorsement goes into effect when the national cash price index falls below the insured coverage level on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Livestock commodities can be bought or sold 24/7, but LRP insurance can only be purchased outside regular business hours (4 pm – 8:25 am) Tuesday through Saturday excluding holidays. There are other situations when LRP insurance cannot be purchased.

  • Coverage cannot be approved unless accepted by the Federal Crop Insurance Cooperation’s (FCIC) Underwriting Capacity Manager (UCM) website.
  • When government funding limits (daily or annual) are reached.
  • If the required data for establishing rates or coverage prices are not available.
  • If there has been a news report, announcement or other event that occurs during or after trading hours that is believed to result in market conditions significantly different than those used to rate the LRP program.
  • If there are two or more consecutive days of price limit moves on the futures contract.
  • If the RMA online system is crowded or down.

Why Choose Bagley Risk Management?

LRP Insurance

Industry Expertise

Harness the knowledge and insights garnered from years in the livestock risk management sector. Our experienced team provides solutions grounded in real-world challenges and opportunities.

LRP Insurance

Customized Protection

Every livestock business is unique. We tailor our risk management solutions to your specific needs, ensuring optimal coverage without unnecessary expenses.

LRP Insurance

Transparent Processes

Trust and clarity are paramount. At Bagley, we pride ourselves on offering clear, comprehensible methodologies, ensuring you're always in the loop and confident in your protection strategy.

LRP Insurance

Financial Advantages

With offerings like our LRP endorsements, which come with significant subsidies, we ensure our clients enjoy both protection and financial feasibility, making risk management more accessible.

LRP Insurance

Constant Market Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve. Our dedicated teams continually monitor and analyze market trends, ensuring your risk management strategies are not just reactive but proactive.

LRP Insurance

Unwavering Support

Beyond policies and coverage, our commitment extends to providing round-the-clock guidance, prompt query resolution, and a partnership that seeks to elevate your livestock business in every market condition.

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Bagley Risk Management’s owner Andrew Bagley knows cattle and how the commodity market works. As a 5th generation family rancher and farmer, Bagley knows that the lives of your herd are intricately connected to the well-being of your business, but your family.
Our trained advisors will help you create the best plan for your farm’s needs and trends in your local market. Our agents are approved through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Risk Management Agency and can write an insurance policy for you immediately.

As with any insurance or risk management program, it is important to remember there is no one size fits all approach and what may work well for the rancher down the road or in another state may not work for you.

Don’t leave your livestock’s financial well-being to chance. Partner with Bagley Risk Management for expert industry knowledge, customized protection, transparent processes, and unwavering support. Secure your livestock’s future today.